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Do not wait to get a denial letter from your insurance company. Contact the Homeowners Insurance Attorneys at the Weiser Law Firm to get you a fair payout for your claim. A homeowners insurance policy generally covers damages that your home may suffer as a result of fires, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, and other events that cause serious property damage.

In Louisiana, you are not required to purchase homeowners insurance. Still, many banks and lenders do require you to purchase homeowners insurance as a condition for your mortgage. As a result, many people pay insurance premiums assuming the insurance company will pay out when you have a claim.

Insurance companies frequently find any reason to deny your claim. The reason is simple: profit. Most insurance companies bully their customers into taking inadequate payouts or flat out denying their valid claim. The insurance companies are betting on you never filing suit to recover what you are owed. However, you have the right to get fair payout when you file a claim. The homeowners insurance attorneys at the Weiser Law Firm have the experience to get you a fair payout. Contact our offices to get a free case evaluation today at 504-358-2273.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

There are six types of homeowners insurance in New Orleans:

  • Basic Form
  • Broad Form
  • Special Form
  • Comprehensive Form
  • Tenant Broad Form
  • Special Condominium Form

Basic Form Policies

These policies cover damages to your home and personal property caused by certain events such as hurricanes, storms, hail, fires, earthquakes, floods, theft, explosions, and others. The events that have coverage are expressly listed in the policy and if they are not listed, they are not covered.

Broad Form Policies

This policy is similar to the basic form policy to the extent that it covers expressly stated damage-causing events in addition to other hazards such as falling trees, water damage and damages from building collapses such as the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel collapse of 2020. The broad form policy also has comprehensive personal liability coverage.

Special Form Policies

These types of policies are special form because they provide coverage for all perils not expressly excluded in the policy. In other words, they provide protection from any source of loss unless the policy specifically states in writing that the source of loss is excluded. For example, many special form policies exclude acts of war, nuclear explosions, vermin, and others.

Comprehensive Form Policies

The comprehensive form policy is usually the most expensive because it covers personal property and  your house against all sources of loss with the exception of specified perils. Examples of these specified perils are floods, earthquakes and/or hurricanes.

Tenants Broad Form Policies

The tenants broad form policy is very similar to the broad form policy with the distinction that it only covers your personal property. It does not protect the dwelling.

Special Condominium Form

This type of policy is aimed at unit or apartment owners. Insurance companies sometimes do not offer this type of coverage. It is similar to the tenants broad form policy and offers special protection needed by condominium unit owners. This policy does not insure the building. Special condominium form policies only protects the inside of the dwelling.

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