New Orleans Storm Damage

New Orleans Insurance Lawyers tell you what you need to know to file an insurance claim for storm-related damages:

  •  Claimants should know the coverage of their insurance policy in detail. Does the policy cover this or that or both?
  • A claimant should know that an insurance company will find any reason to deny your claim. Claimants should be ready to fight for their claim or hire New Orleans Insurance Lawyers to fight on their behalf.
  • Filing, following up and trying to settle a claim is a long, time consuming, and tedious process which could ultimately result in a denial of coverage for storm-related damages.
  • There is a one-year limit to file a lawsuit for storm-related damages in Louisiana. The time delay begins from the day a reasonable person knew or should have known of the damages.
  • New Orleans Insurance Lawyers are prepared to help reach a fair settlement or fight for your claim.
  • The insurance companies are overwhelmed by the surge of new storm-related claims in the aftermath of a major storm such as Hurricane Ida. The surge in claims leads to long claim processing.

New Orleans Insurance Lawyers recommend claimants take pictures (and videos):

  • Claimants should take ‘before & after’ pictures (and video if able) of all the storm-related damage.
  • Immovables: Claimants should take wide angle, close up angle, and an in between “middle” angle shots with their camera of houses, garages, roofs, or other immovables that suffered storm-related damage.
  • Movables: Claimants should take multi-angle camera shots of the movable property.
  • Claimants should also note the model number, brand, year, and other identifiable information of their storm-damaged property.

When should a Claimant take legal action against an insurance company?

  • A claimant may file a lawsuit if the insurance company does not adequately pay a claim the policy covers.
  • Claimants may file a lawsuit if the insurance company “approved” your claim but offered a substandard settlement for the damages.
  • A claimant may file a lawsuit if the insurance company “approved” your claim but delayed the payout.
  • Insurance companies are required by Louisiana law to adjust and payout a claim within a reasonable amount of time (usually 30 days in most cases).
  • Claimants  may receive extra payments of up to 50% of the value of the claim or $1,000.00 (whichever is greater) if the insurance company was unfair or was not timely while handling your claim.

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