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Family violence is difficult for everyone involved. If you are the victim of domestic violence, a lawyer can help you obtain a protective order. A temporary order of protection will help to keep you and your children safe from further danger. A parent charged with domestic violence could lose custody and visitation rights. At the Weiser Law Firm, we understand the issues involved in domestic violence situations and we can help. Contact our New Orleans domestic violence lawyer today. We offer an initial consultation.

Experience matters

Our dedicated family law attorney Harold E. Weiser, III has years of experience. First, in an effort to combat violence against women, he assisted in the establishment of a clinic for battered women in the New Orleans Area. So, if your family suffers from domestic violence, we can help you and your children move forward toward a brighter future. In addition, our firm represents clients in a wide range of family law matters.  For example, child support, alimony or spousal support. Let us help you regain control of your family law situation today. At the Weiser Law Firm, our family law attorney is sensitive to the issues involved with domestic violence situations. So, contact the Weiser Law Firm today. Flexible appointment times are available for your convenience.


New Orleans Domestic Violence Lawyer


 Domestic Violence: Protective Orders FAQs

Information taken from a publication of the Office of the Judicial Administrator, Supreme Court of Louisiana, Guide to the Louisiana Protective Order Registry

  1. Why do victims seek protective orders?

Several Studies indicate that most women who seek such orders do so not as an early intervention strategy. Instead it’s done as an act of desperation following an extensive period of abuse. Almost one quarter of the women surveyed in one multi-city study had experienced abuse for five years prior to seeking a protection order.

2.  Is it just a piece of paper?

According to the research, most abusers do violate protective orders in some way. However, these orders generally deter repeated incidents of physical abuse. In 40% of the cases surveyed in one study, there were no reported violations in the year after the order was issued. However, in 60% of these cases, violations were reported in that same period. Lastly, in 29% of the cases in which a violation occurred, the victim indicated that the violation involved one or more acts of severe violence.

3.  Do Protection Orders work in other ways?

Even in those cases in which an order is violated, it provides other benefits. For example, as an official legal intervention, such orders send a strong message to the victim, the abuser and the community. The message is that the court takes violence against an intimate partner or family member seriously. Hence, it considers it in the best interests of society to intervene to protect the victim and children. In addition to holding the abuser accountable. In addition, orders of protection can provide children material resources that the victim needs to remain safe. For example, use of the family home to the exclusion of the abuser, interim financial support, or the use of a vehicle.

Expedited police response and more

In many instances, the existence of an order expedites and enhances law enforcement response to a call for help. Protection orders can also aid the victim in her effort to enlist the support of friends and family, her employer, her landlord, and school officials. Most women who seek protection orders report feeling safer and experiencing improved self-esteem, as a result of having taken action to stop the violence and protect themselves and their children. Lastly, protection orders create a record of the abuse which may be considered in other matters that come before the court. For example, determining permanent custody and visitation arrangements, or the disposition of a criminal case.

Filing for protection

If you are a victim of domestic violence who is seeking protection from abuse you can contact the parish clerk of court in your parish. If you are a victim of domestic violence in the New Orleans Area you can file a petition for Protection from Abuse by visiting the Clerk of Court in the Jurisdiction you reside. As New Orleans Domestic Violence Lawyer, attorney Harold Weiser can help you navigate this process. Click here to contact us

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Because of the severity of the domestic violence, law enforcement in all parts of the seven-parish Greater New Orleans area take situations of Domestic Abuse Battery very seriously. If you have a family law problem contact a New Orleans Domestic Violence Lawyer with the Weiser Law Firm to get assistance.

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