Jefferson parish court grenta, LA

There are four courthouses in Gretna, Louisiana and each has it’s own cases and jurisdictions. Here is a list of the Jefferson parish court grenta, LA so you can save time on your next visit:

200 Derbigny St

Gretna, LA 70053


  • 2nd Parish Court of Jefferson

    • This Jefferson Parish Court Gretna, LA handles all minor traffic cases, DWIs, and small suits under $20,000.
    • Located at 100 Huey P. Long Gretna, LA 70054

Jefferson Parish Court Gretna, LA

  • City of Gretna Court

    • This Jefferson Parish Court Grenta, LA handles the matters for the City of Gretna.
    • Mostly Gretna traffic tickets and small claims court
    • Court is held inside of 2nd Parish Court at certain times
  • Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

    • This is the State Court of Appeals for St. Charles Parish and Jefferson Parish.
    • Handles all criminal and civil writs and appeals
    • Jefferson parish court grenta, LA

Our office handles various matters in each of the these court houses routinely. If you have questions regarding a potential legal matter please feel free to give the Weiser Law firm a call 504-358-CARE.

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