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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

It is a regular divorce where both parties agree to get divorced. Click below to start your uncontested divorce today!

Quick Uncontested Divorces for Flat Fee of $1,200.00 total (includes All Court Costs)

Not all divorces need be expensive and you don’t always have to go to court. If you qualify, your divorce should be completed quickly and inexpensively for a reduced flat fee. If you are looking for a cheap divorce with an experienced family law and quick uncontested divorce lawyer, we may be able to help

Your matter may qualify for our flat fee if your matter is “uncontested”.  An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which you and your spouse have lived separate and apart for the amount of time required by law, no court appearance is required, and the judgment of divorce is obtained by default.

Although the fee is for a reduced rate, you still receive full legal services from the attorneys in the firm. Contact our office to speak with a Quick Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Papers

How can I get a quick divorce in Louisiana for $1,200.00?

  • Spouse will sign an affidavit agreeing to the divorce (if they wont there are other options available)
  • You and your spouse have be separated for period of 6 months without children (born of the marriage); 12 months with children (born of marriage).
  • No covenant marriage and No adoption proceedings
  • No one in active military service and deployed

We do the paperwork, notarizations for our client, running of court documents to the Judge’s Courtroom and certification paperwork.

Will your Spouse Sign a one page form?

The Uncontested Divorce for $1,200.00 total will require your husband or wife to sign a one page form. This form needs to have their Identification checked by a notary for signing. If this is done. It will speed up the divorce and not require service of process.

If your spouse refuses to sign the next step is to have the sheriff’s office serve them. Prices verify depending on their location. Out of state requires a different type of service as well. Finally, if you are unable to serve your spouse we can recommend private process servers or even private investigators to locate your spouse.

At the Weiser Law Firm our New Orleans quick divorce attorneys will work with you to handle your case in the most cost-effective manner possible, while still providing you high-quality legal advice and service. The Court Costs in New Orleans are generally around $400.00.

How long does an Uncontested Divorce take in Louisiana?

  • When you qualify being separated from your spouse for 6 month (without children or if the children were born before you got married) and twelve months if you have children born during the marriage.
  • Your spouse agrees to sign a one page form in front of a notary
  • No one is in the active military and no covenant marriage (a complex marriage type)
  • No current adoption process and not pregnant (call if pregnant)
  • $1,200.00 are paid

How long does it take to finalize an uncontested divorce?

It depends on the Parish, but most of the time is only takes a few weeks. We can expediate the process, but charge a fee.


Disclaimer: Only available in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. Does not include time taken by the parties to sign paperwork.

Do I Have to Go to Court for Uncontested Divorce?

There should be no need to go to court to complete a simple uncontested divorce. That is the point! Click on the button below to see if you qualify for a quick uncontested divorce:

How much does a simple divorce cost in Louisiana?

Our office does most divorces for $1,200.00. If spouse refuses to sign the one page documents, the next step is the sheriff’s office for service. Their fees vary by parish.  In most cases we can get the job done for $1,200.00 total. If the parties were not separated for the property time it can cost more to file and then finalize the divorce. There is an advantage to this method, should you choose to go this route.

By filing for divorce and becoming legally separated you are putting the court and your soon to be ex-spouse on notice that you are getting divorced. This can help stop debt from being collected, property issues and even rental lease problems in the future.

Quick Uncontested Divorce

What if I have children and property and need more than a divorce?

First we file for the divorce to get the case number and the Judge assigned to the case. Then if the parties agree to a custody schedule and how they want to spilt property we can help the parties do a Judgement for Custody and Property. This would need to be approved by the Judge and Ordered by the Court, but if both parties agree it generally is approved after our review. There is an additional fee for this service.

Quick Uncontested Divorce

Jefferson Parish Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Our $1,200.00 total uncontested divorce includes our experienced attorneys work in drafting the legal documents necessary to file for divorce. This amount does include necessary court costs. In Jefferson Parish the Court costs tend to be $400.00 to $450.00.

If your case does not qualify for this extremely low-cost divorce option, our office is happy to work with you to help solve your other divorce, such as child support or child custody, community property partition and settlement agreements, and other divorce related issues in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Call a Quick Uncontested Divorce Lawyer today at 504-358-2273.

St. Bernard Parish Quick Divorce Lawyers

In St. Bernard Parish we can get you an uncontested divorce in only a few short weeks. We may be able to do it soon, however the Parish is limited to 5 Judges who may not be at the courthouse at all times. The filing fees from the St. Bernard Parish Clerk seem to vary every time but are always less than $450.00 which is included in our flat fee of $1,200.00.

New Orleans Quick Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

In New Orleans the process is the same, although the work in the court tends to be more challenging. Our office charges $1,200.00 for a Quick Uncontested Divorce in New Orleans which includes the filing fees at $400-450.00 for the Civil Clerk of Court’s Office.


Quick Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Quick Uncontested Divorce Lawyer


Doing an Uncontested Divorce in New Orleans

All of us know that obtaining divorced isn’t easy. Just the system of going via the legal divorce procedures may be harrowing. That’s why many humans explore ways to limit the emotional turmoil and drawn out legal battles of divorce. One of the matters that you could have heard of is an uncontested divorce. In New Orleans, you may report for divorce with out combating over things like custody and property distribution.

Whilst you report for an uncontested divorce, you inform the court docket which you agree on everything right away. While uncontested divorce might sound incredible, there are some critical things to consider. It isn’t proper for everybody. If it seems like the satis

factory desire for you, there are a few matters that you need to recognize to ensure that your nice hobbies are represented and that you acquire a fair end result.

Here’s what you need to recognize about filing an uncontested divorce in New Orleans:

What’s an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a divorce where the events agree approximately all the major troubles up the front. There are not any contested prison proceedings. All you do is record the agreed-upon documents and finalize the judgment of divorce. There’s no trial and no formal discovery complaints. Alternatively, the events talk and agree on issues previous to filing. They record paperwork with the courtroom to formalize the agreement and finalize the divorce.

How does uncontested divorce paintings in New Orleans?

To get an uncontested divorce, you negotiate the terms of your divorce earlier than you record for divorce. You should agree on everything mentioned. You entire the final divorce paperwork before you even file the divorce. After you complete the paperwork, you report it with the court. You submit all of the documents that the court docket requires along with a announcement that the divorce is uncontested.

The court docket approves the paperwork and your divorce is whole.

Can I get an uncontested divorce if I have kids?

Yes, you can get an uncontested divorce in New Orleans when you have kids. The phrases of custody, parenting time and infant aid ought to all be decided through the events as a part of the divorce. Perhaps it’s extra tough to do an uncontested divorce if you have minor children in reality due to the fact baby problems are frequently extra hard to negotiate than assets problems. However every case is specific. You may get an uncontested divorce with minor children in New Orleans if you’re able to consider your spouse on all infant and property-associated problems.

Filing uncontested divorce in New Orleans to get an uncontested divorce, you should file the subsequent files:

On the way to have an uncontested divorce in New Orleans, you have to agree on the whole thing. From the information of parenting time to whether both celebration goes to pay alimony, you have to agree on all of the information. You can do an uncontested divorce successfully, however it’s vital to be aware of all the exceptional points on which you need to agree. Even though you’re operating closer to a decision, you still want an lawyer to represent your pursuits.

Your legal professional for an uncontested divorce assist you to understand how Louisiana divorce law applies in your case. Whilst you recognize what your rights are underneath the law, you may work closer to accomplishing a fair resolution with the aid of agreement to your case. Running toward an uncontested divorce doesn’t imply giving up your rights. Alternatively, it manner negotiating strategically to come to a properly-reasoned, negotiated agreement. An skilled lawyer can be instrumental in making sure that your hobbies are blanketed and which you set up a good resolution for anybody concerned.

Is an uncontested divorce faster than a traditional divorce in New Orleans?

Sure, an uncontested divorce may be quicker than a conventional divorce in New Orleans. There’s no ready period for a divorce in New Orleans. There are necessities for filing for divorce, along with a six-week residency length. But after you qualify to document for divorce, there’s no waiting period. As soon as the entirety is whole, the court docket can approve your divorce. So long as you meet the submitting qualifications, you may get divorced simply as speedy as you could fill out the paperwork.

Are you able to file an uncontested divorce if one celebration is unresponsive?

An uncontested divorce in New Orleans is different from a divorce in which the other side doesn’t document responsive pleadings. In case you’re not able to agree on the phrases of your divorce up the front, you could nevertheless file for divorce. The alternative facet has the option to record responsive pleadings, but they don’t need to. When the alternative celebration doesn’t record a response, that’s referred to as a default divorce.

You may nonetheless continue with the divorce and, in truth, can normally get everything which you ask for if you’re the submitting party in a default divorce.

Separate from claims might be extravagant and close to home and most straightforward get more prominent all together time is going on. You is most likely inquisitive about how to get a sensibly evaluated separate from in Louisiana. On the off chance that a couple is willing and equipped for work on the whole and set up a legitimate understanding the two of them settle on, an uncontested level value separation might be a decent choice. That is an all the more low-evaluated, proficient option in contrast to standard separation suit that allows in every occasions to stay in control of their prospects, rather than passing on it to the courts to choose their settlement.

Our New Orleans uncontested Divorce Lawyers have the entire thing you want to cure what is going on and stream ahead alongside your ways of life. In the event that you are searching for a modest separation, you have come to the legitimate New Orleans separate from guideline organization. Our uncontested divorce lawyers will allow you to get a separation at a charge you might have the assets for. Challenged versus Uncontested separation in Louisiana.

An uncontested divorce might be a brilliant response in the event that both you and your life partner trust it’s the ideal opportunity for the union with stop. While not each couple can track down a choice along these lines, in the event that you and your life partner can settle on the different parts of a separation settlement, our organization is here to help. A portion of the primary districts you might have to settle on comprise of spousal assistance, kid guardianship, resource division, and child support.

A challenged separation or divorce can take bounty longer, as these areas alluded to are routinely battled about for quite a long time, perhaps years. Challenged divorces are consistently useful for the individuals who are overseeing enormous money related possessions or muddled own family circumstances, and uncontested separations are useful for individuals who need a short and more affordable response. Costs of an uncontested divorce in Louisiana.
The costs of a separation range enormously, and typically are chosen by utilizing how much inconveniences like guardianship or help. An uncontested divorce is additional minimal expense than the traditional separation, and our guideline offer wonderful contributions at a level charge.

What amount of time does an uncontested separation require for in Louisiana? 180 days separation if no children born during the marriage and 365 days if there were children.  Depending on the intricacy of the issues helpful, separations can likewise require a very long time to finish. Likewise to being a modest method for getting a separation, uncontested separations are more prominent engaging inside the experience that they not frequently move past the multi day mark. There are many benefits to an uncontested level rate separate, alongside:

  • a minimal expense, once cost to address separate from legal disputes
  • extra control over the last understanding
  • a peaceful, less stressing choice
  • considerably less injury for any youths concerned
  • more noteworthy privateness in sensitive points
  • a lot more prominent green stop final product
  • the uncontested separation strategy

At the guideline work environment of Weiser Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers will begin the framework through drafting the separation request for the spouse that is running with our organization, sending a waiver to the next accomplice for them to flag, after which growing a concurred last pronouncement which the two individuals should sign. We can then record the workplace work with the court agenda and the companion we’re running with will need to look under the watchful eye of the appointed authority to insist that the separation ought to be allowed.

In the event that you are searching for modest uncontested divorce lawyers, you could need to address a New Orleans level charge separate from legitimate proficient close to you.

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