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A will is a document that will determine what happens with your assets, property and money after you die.  There are many reasons everyone should have a will drafted including:

First, to provide you with preferences as to the distribution of your assets.

Second, to provide your choice of a Personal Representative. This is the person that will  administer or handle all of your assets once you pass.

Third, to make sure any assets passed to a Minor are handled properly.

Fourth, to make sure that any assets or money you leave to others is distributed properly.

Fifth, to make sure that you appoint a person that you trust to take care of your minor children.

Sixth, to make the process of handling your funeral, taxes, identification of property is handled smoothly.

Seventh, to clarify what happens if you and your spouse die at the same time.

Eighth, to provide protection from an estranged spouse.

Ninth, to make sure the courts recognize the correct family members that will receive your assets.

Finally, numerous other factors that will present themselves after your death.

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Process of drafting a will


The process of drafting a will is complex and there are continuing changes to the law that you want to make sure you take advantage of.  You don’t want to pass without having a will.

In addition to the will, we can provide other documents that will ensure your interests are protected when you become sick.

A Maryland Advanced Healthcare Directive will detail how you want doctors to handle your medical treatment in the event you become injured and you cannot make your own decisions.  A Maryland Advanced Healthcare Directive is a document that we suggest all clients have in the event they enter a state of Terminal Illness, Persistent Vegetative State, or End-Stage Condition.

Also, in addition to directing what actions your doctors should take, the directive will name an agent that will make decisions on your behalf.  So, You can name one agent. Or, you can name a group of people that you believe will make the best decisions for you.

In summary, if you do not have a Will, please call the office immediately at 504-358-2273. You can  schedule an appointment and have these documents drafted.

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