The best auto accident lawyer in New Orleans to handle your case is Harold Weiser, founder of the Weiser Law Firm. The Weiser Law Firm has over ten years experience litigating auto accident claims. Mr. Weiser and his legal team have a great track record in auto accident settlements. Soft tissue injuries are one of the most common injuries motorists suffer. These injuries sometimes do not present themselves until a day or a couple of days after the accident. Various factors affect this delayed reaction, including adrenaline.

Closed head injuries are other soft tissue injuries that are very common in car accidents. Closed head injuries are characterized when there is no break in the skull and occur when there is a sudden ‘jerking’ of the head in a forwards and/or backwards motion. The brain rattles inside the bony skull and causes bruising and other brain trauma. These types of injuries are not always apparent and motorists should be aware of these types of injuries. Motorists should contact The Weiser Law Firm if they have been involved in a motor vehicle collision. Please call our Auto Accident Lawyer New Orleans offices for a free phone consultation at 504-358-CARE(2273).

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