Criminal Lawyer in New Orleans

In general, if you have been arrested or charged with a crime at the federal, state, municipal, or traffic level you need a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer with experience who will fight for your rights. To begin with, Criminal charges alone can be life-altering. In addition, convictions follow you the rest of your life. As one of the most reliable and reputed criminal lawyers New Orleans firm, the Weiser Law Firm understands that you and your family are facing a crisis.

When should you hire a criminal defense lawyer?

First, a successful criminal defense begins as close as possible to the time of arrest. Also, the battle is not only to avoid fines or incarceration or to get charges reduced or dismissed. It’s also to keep your record as free as possible from information that can harm your future. For example, getting a job or pursuing a higher education.

So, do not harm your criminal case by discussing anything with the authorities without the protection of a criminal defense attorney by your side. It is in your best interests to hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent you as soon as possible. In summary, if you believe that you may be charged with a crime, get an experienced New Orleans criminal lawyer! Don’t wait for the formal arrest.

New Orleans Criminal Lawyer

New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer

What can an experienced New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer do for you? 

First, protect your rights at the outset.

Second, review the evidence and determine what is inadmissible or inaccurate.

Third, investigate to find witnesses and documents that help your defense.

Fourth, negotiate to reduce the charges.

Fifth, negotiate to dismiss the charges.

Sixth, interview possible witnesses for the prosecution for errors and exaggerations.

Seventh, review documents of the prosecution for flaws and omissions.

Eighth, determine what experts you may need for the defense and get them on board.

Ninth, negotiate a plea settlement with the prosecutor.

Lastly, try the case if necessary.

The Weiser Law Firm: New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer

Consequently, as experienced New Orleans criminal defense counsel, Harold Weiser has represented clients throughout the state of Louisiana facing a range of criminal charges. For example, criminal traffic violations, drugs, domestic issues, theft, prostitution, physical battery and expungements. In brief, the Weiser Law Firm has established relationships with criminal court judges and prosecutors not only in New Orleans, but throughout the state of Louisiana. Hence, this ensures the most fair and reasonable results for our criminal defense clients.

If you or a loved one has a criminal defense issue, you need The Weiser Law Firm.

What happens when you are arrested and jailed?

When you are arrested, you are taken to the “intake area.” Next, you are searched, booked, fingerprinted, given a medical check, issued a standardized uniform (color-coded, usually by security risk). Eventually, you placed in a cell. Consequently, all personal items are inventoried and held; and returned when a person is released.

That cell can be with the “general population,” or it can be in a special area, as the authorities deem fit. This special area reserved for public officials, police officers, celebrities, and the like. They are created to make it easier for the officials to keep the peace, minimizing the risk to everyone involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions for a Criminal Defense Lawyer

What is the role of the criminal lawyer?

Answer: You need a criminal lawyer only when you are arrest and charged with a crime at the federal, state, or municipal level. You also will need a criminal lawyers if you are charged because of some crime you have committed at a traffic level. You will need him when you want to have someone who will fight for you so that you can have your rights.

Who is criminal defense lawyer?

Answer: A criminal defense lawyer is someone who would fight for your rights if you are arrested and charged with a crime at the federal state, municipal or traffic level. The lawyer will fight for your rights until you are given your rights. He will also help you by negotiating and reducing the charges, ultimately dismissing it. You will need him unless you get yourself free from the mess.

What help do criminal lawyers provide?

Answer: You will get a defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested. Defense lawyers help you get your rights back as soon as possible. He not only protects your right but also helps by reducing your charges, sometimes dismissing it completely. He also helps by finding witnesses to fight the case and make you free of all the charges that you were accused of previously.

In summary, Don’t procrastinate! Schedule your criminal consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney at The Weiser Law Firm today.

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