Traffic Tickets Lawyer


If you need a traffic tickets lawyer, The Weiser Law Firm is the way to go. Clients hire me to represent them in their Louisiana Traffic ticket cases. For example, I help them avoid auto insurance premium increases, missed work, and travel expenses since they don’t have to go to court themselves by hiring a traffic tickets lawyer.

We go to court for them and obtain lower fines, court costs, and contempt fees in regards to their Louisiana traffic ticket. Furthermore, my clients’ Louisiana traffic tickets are either DISMISSED, or REDUCED to a NON MOVING VIOLATION which will not appear on the client’s driver license record.

Traffic Tickets Lawyer

Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Tickets Lawyer Harold Weiser takes care of tickets in:

New Orleans and Jefferson Parish Traffic Courts

 Ticket Defense starting at $150.00

Benefits of a traffic tickets Lawyer

Save Money:
On Fines, Court Costs, and
Car Insurance Premium Increases
Save Time:
No Going to Court, No Multiple Trips,

                                                                                    No Missed Work

                                                                                 Avoid Anxiety:
When I represent you in Traffic Court, you won’t have to face the Judge, District Attorney, or Police Officer. In fact, clients very rarely ever appear in Court when I have been retained as their counsel.
                                                                                Avoid Aggravation:
Driver’s License returned immediately,
No courthouse hassles.

Moreover, my commitment to your Louisiana traffic ticket case provides you the highest in value, convenience, and personal attention. Not to mention, My legal fee is less than the amount of the fines, court costs, and insurance premium increases. Everything is arranged over the telephone and/or internet with you. I promptly call you back with the precise information when research is necessary for your particular circumstance. Exclusive and direct contact with Harold E. Weiser III, Attorney at Law.

Free Quote

Telephone and Internet consultations are always free. Correspondingly, I will provide to you an immediate free quote for your consideration on your Louisiana traffic ticket case.

When research is necessary to determine the details of your case(s), I promptly do the legwork to determine what your Louisiana traffic ticket(s) are and your Louisiana driver’s license status; then contact you to discuss that information further for free.

Attorney Harold Weiser is an experienced Louisiana Traffic Ticket and Criminal Defense Lawyer.  He represents clients throughout the State of Louisiana. Including in all Parish District Courts, Municipalities, Cities, Towns and Villages in Southeast Louisiana including New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Gretna, Houma, Baton Rouge, Chalmette, Slidell, Covington, St. Charles Parish, St. John Parish, and Belle Chase.

Speeding ticket Attorney &  Lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana

Attorney Harold E. Weiser III offers you services as a New Orleans speeding Ticket Attorney with years of experience. Additionally, Mr. Weiser specializes in assisting motorists from all over the country.  He helps in their defense of traffic tickets, summonses or violations written in Louisiana. Give Mr. Weiser a call at 504-358-2273 or 504-220-9086. Or, use our website today to contact us.

Louisiana traffic court procedures are quite unfamiliar to most people. Subsequently, this is why it can be difficult for most motorists to make a persuasive presentation to the judge. Hence, having an attorney or lawyer represent you can dramatically increase the chances of winning the traffic case. In conclusion, this could mean receiving a smaller or no fine at all.

Are from out-of-state?  There may be no way you can make it back to Louisiana to contest your ticket. Rest assured, Harold Weiser can handle your Louisiana speeding ticket case for you no matter what state you live in.

Traffic tickets lawyer

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Harold Weiser

New Orleans Traffic Attorney

Harold E. Weiser III is a New Orleans, Louisiana traffic attorney. He knows the local court rules and has had previous cases in front of the same local judges. Therefore, this allows him to present your traffic matter in a more logical and effective way. His traffic ticket defense experience

When a police officer issues a ticket for a traffic violation, the driver is required to sign the back of the ticket. This is not an admission of guilt.  However, it represents the driver’s agreement to either appear in court on the date listed on the ticket or to pay the traffic fine before that date.

Failure to appear in court of pay the traffic fine will, in many cases, cause a judge to issue a traffic attachment or bench warrant for the driver’s arrest. This means that if you have not paid your traffic tickets and are stopped by a police officer for any reason you can be arrested on the spot.

New Orleans Traffic Warrant Attorney

For these reasons, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as you are issued a traffic ticket. That being said, it is just as important to contact an attorney if you have unpaid tickets and may have warrants out for your arrest. In many cases, an attorney will be able to contact the court on your behalf and negotiate to have your traffic warrants lifted or suspended.

If you have unpaid tickets or are unsure if there is a traffic warrant out for your arrest, contact  Attorney Harold E. Weiser III today at 504-358-2273 or via email at [email protected] on the left to schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your case. In many cases, we will be able to resolve your traffic ticket issues without requiring any office or court visits on your part.

Suspended Driver’s Licenses & why you should have a traffic tickets lawyer.

Suspended Driver’s Licenses can be a particularly inconvenient matter for individuals to cope with given the reality that it is often impractical to give up driving in order to meet the requirements of daily activities.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for individuals who have had their licenses suspended due to outstanding traffic tickets or other charges to continue to drive.

However, this practice is highly illegal. Consequently, if detected as a result of something as minor as a routine traffic stop can result in serious fines and even jail time for the driver in question.

Tickets Keep Drivers From Getting Licenses In New States & why you should have a traffic tickets lawyer.

Additionally, it is very common for individuals who have moved out of state to have outstanding traffic violations and/or tickets of which they may not be aware. Hence, this would cause their Louisiana Driver’s Licenses to be suspended. So, this makes it impossible for them to file to have their licenses renewed or obtain new (out of state) licenses without returning to Louisiana to handle their violations even if they have been residing in a new state for a considerable period of time.

In conclusion, this sort of situation is something we encounter very frequently at The Weiser Law Firm.  We are prepared to help clients in these situations.

So, if you are experiencing difficulty obtaining a driver’s license in your new state of residence or renewing your Louisiana Driver’s License due to old or outstanding traffic violations, tickets, license suspensions etc – it may be possible for us to handle this matter for you without requiring any court or office visits on your part.

Call us today at 504-358-2273 or 504-220-9086. Or, submit your information via the form at the top left of this page for a free consultation to determine whether we would be able to handle your suspended Driver’s License case and get you back on the road.

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