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NOPD Officer Terminated for Violation of Moral Conduct Policies

A New Orleans Police officer was dismissed from duty today for violating the Department’s policy on moral conduct.

Last July, Jeremy Wilcox was pulled over by a St. John Parish Sheriff’s deputy for driving a truck with no license plate.  The deputy ran Wilcox’s driver’s license and found that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest that was issued in St. Charles Parish, where Wilcox had issued a bad check.  The check was written in September of 2004, and it was sent to a St. Charles Parish business in the amount of $2505.

After a Public Integrity Bureau investigation, a hearing was conducted by Deputy Superintendent Darryl Albert.  In that hearing, Wilcox stated that he learned of the outstanding check in 2011, called his attorney, Harold E. Weiser, but then decided he did not have the funds to cover it.  Furthermore, Wilcox took no action since that time to resolve the issue.

Deputy Chief Albert concluded that Wilcox violated NOPD’s policy on Moral Conduct by Issuing a Worthless Check that was valued at more than $500.  Wilcox was also cited for a second Moral Conduct violation because he intentionally removed the license plate from his truck in hopes that he wouldn’t get stopped.

Jeremy Wilcox was a six year veteran of the department.  His most recent assignment was to the Second District.

“In this case, it’s simple.  We can’t have a police officer enforcing the law on a daily basis who knowingly broke the law himself, and took measures to hide it”, said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

“The people of New Orleans expect more of us.”

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