An NOPD officer resigned today after confessing to falsifying a police report involving a hit-and-run accident in his personal vehicle.

Roger Jones of the Eighth District reported his personal car stolen yesterday shortly after 8:30am.  He said it had been parked near the corner of North Rampart and Toulouse Streets, but that he had managed to find it later- near the intersection of Iberville and Marais Streets, and saw that it had been severely damaged.  A First District officer who was filing the report for Jones picked up on discrepancies in Jones’ story, and immediately contacted the Public Integrity Bureau (PIB).

PIB Criminal Squad detectives quickly obtained evidence that discredited Jones’ claim that someone had stolen his car and subsequently wrecked it.

Today, PIB detectives approached Jones and he agreed to give a Criminal Statement.  Once investigators advised him of his Miranda Rights, Jones confessed to committing a hit-and-run, relocating his vehicle to Iberville and Marais Streets and then filing a false police report.  He then tendered his resignation, was placed under arrest and booked with Hit-and-Run and Filing or Maintaining False Public Records.

Jones had been administratively reassigned in the Eighth District pending the outcome of another PIB investigation.  He had been with the NOPD for 15 years.

“Someone who confesses to breaking the law, and then trying to cover it up, is someone who does not have a place on today’s New Orleans Police force”, said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

“Residents should be comforted by the fact that the initial officer questioning Mr. Jones wasted no time in alerting the Public Integrity Bureau once she picked up on discrepancies in this fellow officer’s story.”

“We take the departmental oath very seriously, and Jones’ behavior clearly violated our code of ethics.  Our officers who are dedicated to serving the people of New Orleans recognize the honor and dignity that come with the uniform.  Dishonesty on this police force will not be tolerated”, Serpas said.

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