New Orleans Police Officer Arrested for DWI, Other Traffic Violations

A Second District police officer has been placed on Emergency Suspension Without Pay after being arrested for drunk driving and other traffic violations over the weekend in Harahan.

57-year-old Eddie Polite was pulled over by Harahan Police who were working a crash scene in the 1800-block of Hickory Avenue early yesterday morning.   Harahan officers say Polite was driving the wrong way down a one way street and he didn’t have on his headlights.  Initially, Harahan officers say Polite didn’t want to stop for them, but when he did, they smelled alcohol on his breath, and asked him to take a field sobriety test.  They say Polite could not properly finish the test.

Harahan Police relocated Polite to the Jefferson Parish Community Correctional facility, where he was booked with Driving While Intoxicated, violation of Obedience to Officer, violation of Headlights Required and Driving Against Traffic.

Polite will remain on Emergency Suspension Without Pay pending the outcome of a thorough Public Integrity Bureau investigation.