Family Lawyer New Orleans

Family Lawyer New Orleans is Committed and Efficient 

We handle simple as well complex situations with same commitment and efficiency. You can contact us to find solution no matter whether you have an uncontested divorce or an issue related to challenging division of property like 401Ks and retirement accounts. Our expertise covers all ancillary divorce matters. You can seek our expertise in settlements and our ability to solve most issues in amicable manner. Our professionals work with you to find the best solution.  Hire us to represent you as your trusted family lawyer in New Orleans when you feel litigation is the only choice available.

Family Lawyer New Orleans


Family Lawyer New Orleans is affordable, sincere and committed

We make sincere and committed efforts to identify the most affordable and beneficial resolution to your case. No one wants to make things complex and spend a large amount of money for getting a divorce. Our Family & Divorce Attorney makes available all options before you. We assess your unique requirements and come up with the best support and guidance to help you achieve your objectives. As a renowned family lawyer New Orleans firm, we have a team of friendly, affectionate and honest lawyers who are prepared to strive hard to meet your needs.

Family Lawyer New Orleans is committed to providing top-notch legal services to families in need. With years of experience in family law, our team of expert lawyers has helped numerous clients navigate complex legal issues related to divorce, child custody, and adoption.

At Family Lawyer New Orleans, we understand that family law issues can be emotionally and financially draining. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions that meet their unique needs. Our lawyers are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for each and every client.

Family Lawyer New Orleans is reliable and Efficient

Family Lawyer New Orleans is a reliable and efficient option for those seeking legal assistance in family matters. With years of experience in the field, they have established themselves as a trustworthy source for those in need. Their expertise in family law allows them to provide their clients with the best possible outcome for their case.

Their team of lawyers is dedicated to ensuring that their clients receive the highest quality of service. They understand that family matters can be stressful and emotional, which is why they strive to provide a supportive and compassionate environment for their clients. Their attention to detail and thorough approach to each case ensures that their clients receive the best possible outcome.

In conclusion, if you are in need of a family lawyer in New Orleans, look no further than Family Lawyer New Orleans. Their reliability and efficiency, combined with their dedication to their clients, make them a top choice for those seeking legal assistance in family matters.

If you’re facing a family law issue, don’t hesitate to contact Family Lawyer New Orleans. Our team of experienced lawyers is here to help you navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Family Lawyer New Orleans

If you are involved in a Family or Divorce Law issue, contact family & divorce attorney Harold E. Weiser III for an initial consultations. We serve clients in New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, and Louisiana as well. For more information click here.

Family Lawyer New Orleans

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