Flat Fee Affordable Divorce and Family Law services in Louisiana and New Orleans

Flat Fee Affordable Divorce

A flat fee affordable divorce contract differs from an hourly rate contract because a flat rate contract includes fees that cover different types of work.

While it is always best to have an experienced family lawyer represent you during your case and advise you in every way, we understand that not everyone can afford this type of representative. This is why we offer a non-binding service, which can give others the opportunity to get good advice during the critical period of their case. Our affordable process allows people to get help at any stage of the divorce process.

Unbundled services mean that people must represent themselves and hire a family lawyer for a specific task, such as preparing a required financial statement, preparing a response to a discovery request, or preparing the best plan for a hearing. A lawyer can create a trial plan, or help the parties prepare for a hearing, or help them prepare one of the many documents required for a divorce.

Not just preparing documents, a family law attorney will review each prepared document and edit it individually for your needs. An experienced flat fee affordable divorce lawyer can act as your divorce attorney or administrator, or can draft excellent documents. If at any point in the case, you decide that you need a lawyer to handle your case in detail, you can always upgrade to full representation. This is recommended for all cases, but especially for contentious cases and those involving difficult property division and custody issues.

Prenuptial agreements are nothing new in family law. When are they appropriate? How do they work? What should a customer expect to read in a consolidation agreement?

We hope you enjoy this page on Contractual Debt and Family Law. A lump sum payment is usually a one-time payment
Fees are usually paid for the services provided by lawyers in family law matters. For example, if the client hires a lawyer for the limited purpose of preparing a petition for divorce and the documents that accompany it, filing and serving it and there is no other service, the lawyer can pay fee for this service. A flat fee is also common in cases where the lawyer prepares the documents for the claim and only appears for the trial.

The advantage of a Flat Fee Affordable Divorce is that it provides price predictability
There is no doubt that the total cost will be, because they will not pass the package. The advantage of flat rate contracts is that the scope of work is usually very limited. A hedge fund contract does not include services outside of this limit. Our flat fee affordable divorce includes the divorce and a certified copy from the court as proof.

For example, if the fixed amount includes services to prepare applications for custody and visitation orders and appear in the first instance, this will not include other services such as filing by another person of documents for child support and hold fast to it. Nor will it include discovery, which is a request for information, at the time it is made, even if it is related to the arrest and visitation.

Of course, this is assuming that the package does not include other services. Often, a well-drafted settlement agreement lets lawyers and clients know what they understand and what they don’t.

What are my responsibilities in getting the flat fee affordable divorce in Louisiana?

The basic responsibility is to have your spouse sign a one page form. This form is produced after we file the divorce and simply states that your spouse has been given a copy of the divorce and they waive the time requirements for getting a divorce. This makes the flat fee affordable divorce go very quickly.

Uncontested Divorce

Flat Fee Affordable Divorce

We believe that collective agreements work best in simple cases

A restraining order works best if the case can’t be involved in other important tasks other than the consolidation task. For example, if there is already a divorce document and you have a simple application for a change of parentage that does not involve complex or contested issues, this application for law can be a good candidate. who goes forward for the summation.

Customers should not trust the word of mouth of a plan

The customer should always insist that any fixed price statement be included in writing and/or that a service contract be issued to the customer, which defines the nature and scope of the fixed price service. The combination may vary depending on the problem
We’ve seen prices as low as $3,000 to $4,000 and as high as $10,000 to $15,000.

Divorce in Louisiana can be a complicated process. You should have a basic understanding of the rules and procedures before entering. Below, we provide some information about the processes and procedures involved in getting a divorce in New Orleans. Of course, every case is unique, and you’ll want to consult with a qualified Flat Fee Affordable Divorce Attorney in your area for answers to questions specific to your situation. Service of request for dissolution.

The person submitting the application is referred to as the applicant. The opposing spouse is called the respondent. When the petitioner files, the respondent must receive the petition before the divorce proceedings begin. Once sent to the respondent, the opposing party has 21 days from the date of service to file a response. If the respondent does not respond, the petitioner may choose to seek a mistrial against the respondent.

This process can be useful when the opposing spouse refuses to participate and therefore wants to strengthen the divorce process. Once the petition is successfully filed, the divorce proceedings begin and your case will proceed to trial or adjudication.

Flat Fee Affordable Divorce

The flat rate is typically a one time fee

The flat price is commonly paid for particular services the lawyer affords in the family law case. for example, if the patron hires the lawyer for the limited purpose of making ready a divorce petition and accompanying filesfiling and serving it and no different carrier, the lawyer may additionally rate a flat fee for that work.

Flat charge quotes also are common in cases wherein the legal professional prepares paperwork for a listening to and appears handiest for that listening to.

The upside of a flat price agreement is it brings fee predictability

There is absolute confidence what the full expenses may be as it will now not be more than the flat charge.

The disadvantage to a flat rate agreement is the carrier scope is often very limited

Flat charge agreements generally do now not encompass additional work beyond that of the constrained scope.

For example, if the flat rate consists of services to prepare a request for order on child custody and visitation and appear on the initial listening toit’ll now not consist of different paintings together with the alternative spouse filing a childassist request for order and putting a hearing for that. It also would no longer encompass discovery, that’s formal request for informationin the course of the proceeding even if it relates to the imminent custody and visitation hearing.

Of route, that assumes the flat price agreement truly does no longer consist of these additional servicesmost of the time, a well drafted flat fee settlement could be very clean to the attorney and purchaser what it does and does not encompass.

We trust flat fee agreements paintings exceptional on easy instances

Flat fee agreements work pleasant when it is unlikely the case will involve large other paintings outdoor of the flat rate paintingsas an instance, if there may be already a divorce judgment and there’s a simple request for order for modification of parenting time that doesn’t contain complicated or quite contested problems, that request for order can be a very good candidate for a flat fee quote.

Customers ought to by no means believe verbal guarantees of a flat fee

purchaser must always insist that any flat charge quote be positioned in writing and/or a specific retainer settlement be offered to the patron which lays out the character and extent of the flat price services.

Flat Fee Affordable Divorce

Six month waiting period for Flat Fee Affordable Divorces

In Louisiana, the parties cannot divorce until six months after the effective date of the petition for dissolution, if the parties have not been separated for this period of time already. Note: it is one year if the parties have children born during the marriage. This does not mean that the matter cannot be resolved within the expected six months. It just means that the marriage will not end before that time.

In most cases, the divorce will be resolved fairly quickly and the court will issue a decision of dissolution before the six-month period expires. In such cases, all the provisions of the settlement take effect immediately after the judgment, and the judgment will announce a date in the future in which the marital status will be effectively terminated. This is what the flat fee affordable Divorce is about.


Other for Flat Fee Affordable Divorce Matters

Spousal Support

You and your spouse agree to  spousal support payments.  We prepare and file a Consent Judgment regarding spousal support.

Both spouses must sign the Consent Judgment on spousal support.

Add  $500.00

Plus Court Costs as costs vary between parishes for filing.

Child Custody & Support

You and your spouse agree to child custody and/or child support payments.  We prepare and file a Consent Judgment regarding child custody and/or child support.

Both spouses must sign the Consent Judgment on child custody and/or child support.

Starting at  $500.00

Plus Court Costs (depends on parish)

Community Property Partition

You and your spouse agree to all aspects of your separation of community property (assets and liabilities).  We prepare and file your Consent Judgment partitioning community property or prepare your Community Property Settlement Agreement.

Both spouses must sign the community property partition agreement.

Starting at


Plus Court Costs. These can get complex depending on the estate of the parties.

Attorney Fees

Apart from the emotional pain of getting divorced, the financial burden is probably everyone’s biggest worry. Legal fees cost, and there’s no avoiding them if you want to get a divorce. You should also remember that not all divorces are straight-forward, especially if there are issues between you and your spouse. Some divorces can take years to complete so the costs can mount up.

Ask your lawyer how they bill clients and decide which method works for you. Some law firms charge a fixed fee while others bill by the hour. Both options have their advantages, but if you and your spouse are on good terms, then paying by the hour might work out less expensive than a fixed fee.

The Procedure

There are many requirements you have to go through when you want a divorce and each state has its own laws. Your lawyer will know the steps you have to take and will tell you how lengthy the divorce is likely to be based on your individual circumstances. If you have a busy work schedule or family commitments, then having an estimated timeline can help a lot. Uncontested divorces can take between two weeks and a month to complete. Longer if the parties have not been separated for the correct amount of months.  Call a Flat Fee Affordable Divorce Lawyer today.

You have to additionally determine how your attorney will cope with the case. some legal professionals are very fingers on and like to talk frequently with their customers. Others only name after they want to, so it relies upon on your choices.

Alimony or Spousal Support

In case you’re surprising with country lawyou then must ask your attorney what the monetary and implications of the divorce can besome states have policies on whether someone can are trying to find alimony from their partner, and once in a while, it’s no longer possible. Your eligibility for alimony depends on the length of the marriage and if a prenuptial settlement became in regionif you’ve stayed domestic to raise youngstersthen you definitely is probably entitled to alimony.

You would possibly fear you’ll be liable for alimony paymentsbut your attorney can advocate you on how lots you’re in all likelihood to pay. knowing the facts can save you from nasty surprises as the divorce proceedings keep.

Custody with Children

If you and your partner have youngstersyou then should put their desires first. Divorces are more tough when children are involvedand also you ought to put apart any animosities for his or her sake. If you may agree on a custody association privately, it may save you time and moneybutnow and again, this isn’t viable and a judge will determine who gets custody.

Ask your Flat Fee Affordable Divorce attorney how possibly you’re to advantage custody of your youngsters, or attempt to negotiate a cope with your partner. Disagreements about custody can extend or maybe halt divorce court cases. Your legal professional may set up mediation for each events to come back to an agreement.

Splitting property
Maximum states have a simple manner of splitting joint belongingsbut the policies vary. It also depends on whether or not you and your partner conform to break up everythingstate property laws will solve any disputes approximately ownership rights and it must be a easy methodunderstanding the prison pointers way you’ll know ahead of time what you may count on to get hold of.

Basically, it will be the cheapest and easiest option to get a Flat Fee Affordable Divorce. The flat fee affordable divorces are set at $1,000.00 for the divorce. All your spouse needs to do is sign a one page form. Your spouse’s Identification will need to be checked at a public notary for their signing. The times can take two weeks to a month.

If your spouse refuses to sign we can offer service by the sheriff’s office for the fees the courts and sheriff’s charge for the service of process. After the service a client will need to wait twenty-one days to see if their spouse wants to fight the divorce. Flat fee affordable divorces are designed to make a situation easy and fast for our clients. Hopefully, your spouse will cooperate and save both of you a more expensive and emotional court needed process. Just because the marriage didn’t work doesn’t mean you need to end on bad terms.

Would you like to know more about financial contracts? We provide you with more details on the Flat Fee Affordable Divorce.

Flat Fee Affordable Divorce Lawyer at the Weiser Law Firm are designed to be fast, painless and easy. We type the documents, notarize our clients signatures where necessary, file with the court, produces your spouses papers, and file with the court all the needed legal documents to get your flat fee affordable divorce done.

Call about the flat fee affordable divorce for $1,000.00. Our flat fee affordable divorce attorneys are ready to assist today.

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Flat Fee Affordable Divorces are $1,000.00, and we assist with Flat Fee Affordable Divorce matters like property as well.