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Do you need a local Criminal Lawyer Chalmette?

What are the pros and cons of contracting a criminal lawyer Chalmette near me? There are many reasons why choosing a local Criminal Lawyer Chalmette is essential to resolving your criminal case. Our office has years of experience working in and around St. Bernard Parish. We have worked with all five current Judges, the District Attorney Perry Nicosia, and the Clerk of Court, Randy Nunez on all types of matters from simple drug cases to violent offenses.

The Weiser Law Firm is familiar with the local court, procedures and staff

You will receive the most efficient legal representation when you choose a local lawyer to handle your criminal case in Chalmette. A local Criminal Lawyer Chalmette  is often familiar with the court staff, judges, hearing officers, and opposing counsel. These network contacts facilitate communication between the parties and the court.  Also, your local attorney will probably know the judge assigned to your matter and how he rules on specific issues. The rapport your attorney has with the court has a profound effect on how your case will play out.

Some judges will entertain and find some arguments more persuasive than others. A local attorney knows which arguments work with what judges. All cases have their strong points and weak points. A Criminal Lawyer Chalmette knows how to showcase the strong points of your case in front of the local judge and how to downplay the weak points in your case.

Every court in Louisiana has their own local rules. Some of those local rules are enforced more than others depending on the court, judge, and clerks. A judge may be offended and might admonish a non-local attorney for not adhering to a particular local rule. As a result, your criminal case might be affected. In the end, a criminal lawyer near you will have a better understanding of the local rules than a visiting attorney would.

Weiser Law Firm has a Strong Reputation in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area

Professional reputation is important in the legal field. You will quickly see which lawyers are held in high esteem and which are not if you spend a considerable amount of time in court. Local Criminal Lawyers Chalmette spend time establishing and maintaining a good reputation in court. It is more likely a local attorney will come prepared with a good forensic strategy for advancing your rights. A visiting attorney might never appear in your local court again.

The Weiser Law Firm has a Convenient Location which Provides Greater Access to your Attorneys

The most important reason you should contract a criminal lawyer near you is because of convenience. An attorney might be more reluctant to meet you regularly if his office is 50 miles away or more. Also, it is an advantage when you can meet your attorney at his office before going to court. Need to drop off some documents? No problem. Need a quick update on your case? No problem. Need to sign a document in front of your attorney? No problem. Click here to find out more about our legal services for a Criminal Lawyer Chalmette or call us at 504-358-2273.

Criminal Lawyer Chalmette

St. Bernard Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chalmette & St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana have a different task at hand when defending criminal clients. All cases from minor Traffic Tickets to Murder all go to the 34th Judicial District Courthouse in Chalmette, LA. However, the main court house on St. Bernard Highway is being renovated at the moment. The temporary courthouse is in the Village Square Shopping Center. The Weiser Law firm handles many traffic ticket defenses in St. Bernard Parish and Criminal Lawyer Chalmette.

The St. Bernard Parish Prison is located off of Paris Road and St. Bernard Highway in Chalmette. St. Bernard Court operates in a unique way as there is only one main courtroom and the criminal docket is generally set several months apart per court section. There are five court sections A, B, C, D, and E with all judges sharing criminal and civil dockets.

Once a defendant is released it is very important to hire an Criminal Defense Attorney. The Weiser Law Firm uses this time to talk to the screening department at the St. Bernard Parish District Attorney’s Office. Prior to the charges being accepted there maybe an opportunity to reduce the prosecuted charges from the District Attorney’s Office, also other options such as the diversion program are done at this time.

Chalmette Criminal Lawyer

The Weiser Law Firm practices exclusively in St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans, and Jefferson Parish Courts making us very familiar with Court Personnel and Assistant District Attorney’s. Let us help you in your criminal lawyer Chalmette matter today.

Louisiana Criminal Law: The Basics

Under Louisiana law, there are three serious offenses:

Tickets: These are public offenses that are not punishable by prison. Traffic violations are a prime example of a crime. These offenses are generally resolved by payment, and those cited do not have the right to a jury trial or public defender.

Misdemeanors: These are misdemeanors that carry a maximum prison sentence of one year in the parish jail and a fine of not more than $1,000 to $2,000. Simple theft, trespassing, public intoxication, DWI’s, and Battery are examples of crimes that are often charged as misdemeanors.

Felonies: This section is reserved for the most serious crimes. The penalty can include life in state prison or even death, although some crimes may result in probation. Crimes in this category range from drug offenses, types of domestic violence, repeated DUI offenses, aggravated assault, manslaughter, and murder. Many crimes fall into the gray area between misdemeanors and felonies, and can be charged. These are often called Discretionary violations. Factors that can affect whether he is charged with a crime such as a felony or a misdemeanor include whether the offender has a prior conviction and whether their circumstances are aggravating such as using a weapon.

The Weiser Law Firm: Criminal Law Practice Areas

At Weiser Law Firm, we practice a comprehensive approach to criminal defense. We have spent years in Louisiana courts fighting for the rights of defendants, giving us unparalleled experience across a variety of criminal law disciplines as a Criminal Lawyer Chalmette. Our practice areas include:

Crime of violence
Assault with a deadly weapon
Assaulting a police officer
Alcohol abuse
Dependence / Addiction
Attempted murder
Auto theft
Building Code Violations
Wear a weapon
Cannabis Law
Corporate Crime/Offenses
Spousal Marital injury
Appeals in Criminal Matters

Criminal threats
Simple battery
Domestic violence with child endangerment
Drug related crimes
Possession of drugs
Having drugs for sale
DWI with injury
DWI defense
Financial loss
Federal crimes
hit and run bodily harm
Weapon damage
Fire Code Violation
Grand Theft Auto
Felony theft
Hit and run
Human trafficking or sex crimes
Insurance fraud
Juvenile crimes
Prescription drug fraud
Pre-booking representation
Violation of probation
resist arrest
Preventive measures
Simple Robbery
Sex crimes
Purse Snatching
The crime of theft
Violent crimes

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, contact Weiser Law Firm today to learn more about how we can help as a Criminal Lawyer Chalmette.

How to find the right Criminal Lawyer Chalmette has?

Being charged with a crime is serious business, as a conviction can result in a life sentence. While poor people in criminal cases have the right to a public defender, a defendant with enough money may need to hire a private attorney.

Choosing a private attorney allows defendants in criminal cases to choose an attorney whose experience and track record will best protect their interests. However, it is important that you carefully consider all potential sponsors.

To find the right attorney for you, be sure and ask for the following:

How long does a lawyer practice criminal defense law?

What is your Criminal Lawyer Chalmette experience?

How many cases similar to mine have you represented?

It is important to understand that a small theft can affect your future and reputation forever. Decisions can make it impossible to get a job and even save a house or apartment. A homeowner or employer will be able to learn for sure about verification through a background check. For example, a seemingly trivial theft case could be an obstacle to the home or job you are looking for. That’s why you should take the time to choose a qualified Criminal Lawyer Chalmette to get the results you want going forward.

You may have available defenses or mitigating factors that may convince the attorney to consider mitigation programs, diversions, or other options to protect you from the consequences of a judgment. hard to come out. By asking important questions and meeting with attorneys before you hire them, you can ensure that you find the best Criminal Lawyer Chalmette for your needs.


Criminal Lawyer Chalmette

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