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What to do about Your Spouse Cheating in Louisiana

What to do about Your Spouse Cheating in Louisiana   Do you suspect your spouse of cheating? What to do about Your Spouse Cheating in Louisiana. If you think your spouse is committing adultery, you will need proof to show the judge.  There are a couple reasons you'd want to file an at fault divorce due [...]

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Expungements in Jefferson Parish

Expungements in Jefferson Parish A couple of years ago the State of Louisiana passed laws in an attempt to make expungements in Jefferson Parish and across the State universal. This has had some positive an negative effects. Namely, the negative effects are related to the timeline it takes to have an expungement completed. Expungments in [...]

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barata y rápida de divorciarse en Louisiana

La forma más barata y rápida de divorciarse en Louisiana Si ha decidido divorciarse, puede lograr su objetivo y completar un proceso en aproximadamente 4 a 6 semanas. aquí están los factores a considerar para no sobrecargarse con el proceso y / o no decepcionarse con su abogado. Aquí es cómo obtener la manera más [...]

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Законы об освобождении в Луизиане Недавно губернатор подписал Билл Дома пятьдесят пять; который пересматривает правила выселения в Луизиане. Целью нового закона является внесение поправок в правила для изгнания в Луизиане, чтобы они могли быть однородными по всему штату, а также требовали одинаковых сборов и судебных расходов в штате Луизиана. Чтобы иметь возможность создать упорядоченный процесс, [...]

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Leyes de expugnación en Louisiana

Leyes de expugnación en Louisiana Recientemente, el Gobernador firmó la HB cincuenta y cinco; que revisa las reglas para expungements en Louisiana. Leyes de expugnación en Louisiana y el propósito de la nueva ley es enmendar las reglas para la eliminación de antecedentes penales en Louisiana, de modo que puedan ser uniformes en todo el estado [...]

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Expungement Laws in Louisiana

Expungement Laws in Louisiana Recently, the Governor signed House Bill fifty-five; which revises the rules for expungements in Louisiana. The purpose of the new law is to amend the rules for expungement in Louisiana so they can be uniform throughout state while also necessitating the same fees and court costs across Louisiana. To be able [...]

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Cheapest and Fastest way to divorce in Louisiana

Cheapest and fastest way to divorce in Louisiana If you have decided to divorce you can achieve your goal and complete a process in about 4 to 6 weeks.  here are the factors to consider in order not to over-stressed yourself with the process and/or not to be disappointed with your attorney. Here is how [...]

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Men shot in Milan neighborhood late Sunday: NOPD

Men shot in Milan neighborhood late Sunday: NOPD Two men were wounded in a shooting reported in the Milan neighborhood late Sunday (April 29), according to the New Orleans Police Department. One of the men was shot in the leg, police said in an alert sent at 11:19 p.m. Police said the victim was transported to a local [...]

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