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BP Settlement Claims

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GCCF BP Claims

GCCF BP Claims

While many people have settled their loss of earnings claims using the Gulf Coast Claims Facility with speed and relative ease, there are still individuals, and also small, large and medium companies that are experiencing a difficult time getting paid out for their deficits in the GCCFAs, due to the worst offshore oil spill in United States history, on June 16, 2010.

Following this terrible oil spill, the President requested that BP (British Petroleum), the oil company responsible for the spillage, to set aside a figure of $20 billion within an account, and then form the GCCF – An acronym for the ‘Gulf Coast Claims Facility’. This facility was created to process all claims, commonly referred to as GCCF BP Claims.

Background Information On The Creation Of The GCCF and GCCF BP Claims

BP and also Washington decided to hire the legal service of a famous and renowned attorney – Mr Kenneth Feinberg, who oversaw settlement payouts for victims and their families from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Mr Feinberg became the third party to oversee, and also administer the Gulf oil spill compensations. In the beginning, many people and small company claims were settled quite rapidly. But after some time, the process slowed down, and many business proprietors started worrying about the amounts they were being offered, and also the time in which their claims were being dealt with, leaving a lot of very unsatisfied people.

The situation has become so bad, that even Florida’s own Attorney General – Pam Bondi, has sought the advice of several top law firms, to put together an oil spill litigation against BP and the GCCF, on behalf of the many affected businesses and individuals in the area. Although this is not a definitive decision from Florida to sue the GCCF, it does echo the thoughts and concerns raised by all those affected, who are still awaiting their GCCF BP Claims to be settled.

A lot of the many issues that businesses and individuals are finding, which have likewise been sent to the U.S. Department of Justice by Pam Bondi, are:

– The GCCF BP Claims committee requesting too much documentation to process claims, and also the request of copies of previous documentation, due to losses.

– The time it takes for a claim to be settled. All claimants, once a GCCF BP Claims has been agreed and settled, should be paid within 90 days.

– The amounts being settled in GCCF BP Claims are different for many cases, despite the same losses. There appears to be no uniformity in the amounts being settled, or any equal treatment offered by the GCCF.

– Many people believe that the GCCF BP Claims procedure is purposely long and drawn out, as a sole strategy to make individuals and businesses accept much smaller payouts, in return for payment quickly.

Many businesses and individuals that have been affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill are beginning to feel their own GCCF BP claims, and settlements, will never be paid. The GCCF BP Claims process is very troublesome. Many have personally witnessed that claims worth less than $25,000 seem to be settled first, and larger claims are being left, with no date as to when their claims will be reviewed or dealt with seriously.

According to British Petroleum, approximately 40% of all claims received and paid, fall within the bracket of $10,000 and $25,000. Only 5% of their overall claims so far, have been people seeking more than $500,000 in losses and damages. The results from this statement have further frustrated many businesses along the gulf coast, which represent a smaller percentage of claims.

How To File Your Own GCCF BP Claims Correctly

Many people and businesses have been affected by the BP oil spill, which was also witnessed globally due to an abundance of media coverage, much to British Petroleum’s dissatisfaction. The cleanup of the oil spill took some time, and those who have been unfortunate enough and were affected by this, may be eligible to file their own GCCF BP Claims.

Although all GCCF BP claims are solely dealt by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, it is worth noting that BP has no control or say in the management, running, or settlements of GCCF BP claims. BP has set aside the necessary funds for compensation, and Mr Feinberg and his team are the third party administrators of these GCCF BP claims, resolving disputes and settlements. If claims are accepted by the GCCF and a settlement is reached, the amount agreed is paid by BP to the claimant.

Using a professional team of lawyers will ensure your claim with the GCCF will go as smoothly as possible, and result in a positive outcome. By completing our contact form, we will review your application, and contact you to discuss your case further, and let you know how we will handle your case, and also how we will ensure you receive the maximum amount of settlement, in a timely and acceptable timeframe. We have experienced GCCF BP Claims lawyers who will know how to handle your case.

Already Filed A GCCF BP Claims Application?

Unfortunately, the GCCF are very slow at reviewing new claims, and also don’t seem to offer fair amounts on all claims presented to them. If you already have an outstanding GCCF BP Claims case which you believe is not being reviewed appropriately, or if you have been offered an amount which is not fair for the amount of loss you have suffered, be sure to contact us. We can help with your GCCF BP claims case, and ensure you recover the amount of money you deserve.

We have compiled a list of businesses we can help in processing GCCF BP Claims, although be sure to contact us if your business or industry is not listed:

– Companies providing cleaning services
– Property and Property Managers
– Commercial Fishing Companies and Boat Owners
– Owners of Local Docks, Piers and Marinas
– Gulf Coast Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment Venues, And Social Clubs
– Hotels, Motels, Holiday Rentals, And Other Accommodations
– Owners of Transportation Companies
– Construction Companies, Local Building Projects
– Chiropractors, Dentists, Other Health Professionals
– And Many Other Local Businesses Not Listed Above!

If you believe you are eligible to pursue a GCCF BP Claims, then be sure to contact us!