New Orleans Crime

New Orleans crime over the last two decades has been a major problem. There are many factors that lead to the crime problem. For example, poor city planning, large areas of poor, lack of industrial or commercial growth. Also, political corruption and low education levels. Currently the murder rate in New Orleans is at its highest per capita in city history. It is on level with cities in third world countries and other cities that do not record accurate records of murder.


Drug & Theft Crimes

One thing that is not measured properly are other types of crimes such as drug and theft crimes. New Orleans indeed has extremely high levels of these types of non-violent crimes. It has become an endless cycle that likely will never fade away and will continue to persists. Many residents of New Orleans have grown very use to the sound of police sirens and gun fire that it no longer affects them in the expected manner.

Katrina just caused an increase in drugs and violence in the city as vasts parts of the City have not been Rebuilt. Areas such as the Lower Ninth Ward, the 7th Ward, the 9th Ward, Central City, Algiers, the Lower Garden District, Zion City, and New Orleans East had high levels of crime prior to Katrina. But now have increased crime.



The New Orleans Police Department have also gone through there own problems. After indictments and convictions for crimes such as murder, burning bodies and evidence, perjury, theft, rape and domestic violence it becomes very hard to trust the ones that are there to Serve and Protect. The new Superintendent Ronald Surpass has made it a point to cut the unprofessional behavior and bring the department to a respectable level. However, in the process many officers have been suspended or lost there jobs. Only time will tell if this measure is helpful.

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New Orleans Crime

New Orleans Crime