Divorce Lawyer Near Me Uncontested Divorce vs. Contested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a proceeding where both parties mutually agree to terminate the marriage. In other words, the married couple will not have long and drawn out litigation that could cost thousands of dollars. It is the opposite of a “messy divorce.” It is limited to the actual divorce proceeding and generally does not include any ancillary matters such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and partition of the community property. However, a contested divorce is the opposite. It occurs when both parties cannot reach an agreement.

Why go the uncontested divorce route?

There are two main reasons why couples choose an uncontested divorce. First, they do not have children together and/or do not own property together. Second, the couple opts to handle those matters privately without involving the courts. Another reason and benefit for choosing an uncontested divorce is the potential to save money. Many family law attorneys offer uncontested divorces for a flat fee as opposed to an unearned fees retainer.

Contested Divorce

The circumstances between the couple determine if the divorce is contested or not. The divorce is considered contested if the parties are not able to reach an agreement on any of the ancillary matters mentioned above. These disagreements can cause legal fees such as court costs and attorney’s fees to rack up.  The courts step in to adjudicate the matters between the parties when a divorce is contested. In other words, a judge has to decide the matters between the parties.


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