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How do you find the best divorce lawyer? Divorce is a tough time for anyone going through the process. In Louisiana, divorce is a legal process of dissolving the assets of a marriage contract. Louisiana is a community property state. That means all assets, income and debt gained throughout the marriage is split down the middle if there is no enforceable prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement. Custody, child support and/or spousal support matters can be ancillary to the main divorce petition. The attorneys at the Weiser Law Firm provide the best representation in these family law matters. Our staff is understanding of the emotional toll the divorce process can take on our clients.

The Weiser Law Firm will work diligently to get your divorce completed in an expeditious way. Our lawyers do their best to avoid any serious depreciation of lifestyle. The Weiser Law Firm guides its clients through the myriad of circumstances involved in negotiations with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Mr. Weiser provides the best legal counsel when facing a litigious divorce. He offers economically efficient ways to get the divorce cost down. However, the Weiser Law Firm will diligently defend your choices in litigation and trial if no agreement can be met.

Divorce matters can be very stressful on clients. The lose of a loved one, environment change, lose of quality of live and complete lifestyle alteration have many lasting effects on people. Our goal is to help alleviate those issues and the emotional fatigue that accompanies a divorce scenario. We have experience in attempting to mediate divorces whenever possible and discuss with the client what level of aggressiveness they would like to pursue. With some clients we are able to come to agreements with their spouses and resolve matters easily. However, this is not the case with all matters. Various factors affect the way cases are handled: emotions play a huge role, finances, family members, other relationships, jobs, location,

Our office has handled thousands of matters in court across all of southeast Louisiana. We we understand that matters of divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, death’s in the family, and adoptions are the most important event affecting our clients at the time. The Weiser Law Firm is the Best Divorce lawyer in New Orleans.


Mr. Weiser and the staff at the Weiser Law Firm have the legal knowledge and experience to get your divorce in a fast and efficient way. Our best divorce lawyers help our clients understand every step of the legal process. Weiser Law Firm has the communication and negotiation skills necessary to get your divorce completed as easily and simply as possible. Weiser Law Firm is a local boutique law firm with offices in New Orleans metropolitan area. Our offices come highly recommended within our local community. Our professionals have contacts such as marriage therapists, financial experts, custody evaluators, parent coordinators, forensic appraisers and others which are sometimes needed in divorce litigation. We offer a variety of legal services which we can discuss over a free phone consultation. See our services here. Call us now at 504-358-2273 or shoot us an email to [email protected]

Our office handles matters all over Southeast Louisiana. We excel at getting the best outcome for our clients through the court, mediation and negotiation.

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