Criminal Attorney Near Me

Criminal Attorney Near Me

What are the pros and cons of contracting a criminal attorney near me? There are many reasons why choosing a local attorney is essential for a good case resolution.

The Weiser Law Firm is familiar with the local court, procedures and staff

You receive the most efficient legal representation when you choose a local lawyer to handle your criminal defense. A local attorney is often familiar with the court staff, judges, hearing officers, and opposing counsel. These network contacts facilitate communication between the parties and the court.  Also, your local attorney will probably know the judge assigned to your case and how he rules on specific issues. The rapport your attorney has with the court has a profound effect on how your case will play out.

Some judges will entertain and find some arguments more persuasive than others. A local attorney knows which arguments work with what judges. All cases have their strong points and weak points. A criminal attorney near you knows how to showcase the strong points of your case in front of the local judge and how to downplay the weak points in your case.

Every court in Louisiana has their own local rules. Some of those local rules are enforced more than others depending on the court, judge, and clerks. A judge may be offended and might admonish a visiting attorney for not adhering to a particular local rule. As a result, your criminal case might be affected. In the end, a criminal attorney near you will have a better understanding of the local rules than a visiting attorney would.

Weiser Law Firm has a Strong Reputation in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area

Professional reputation is important in the legal field. You will quickly see which lawyers are held in high esteem and which are not if you spend a considerable amount of time in court. Local attorneys spend time establishing and maintaining a good reputation in court. It is more likely a local attorney will come prepared with a good forensic strategy for advancing your rights. A visiting attorney might never appear in your local court again.

The Weiser Law Firm has a Convenient Location which Provides Greater Access to your Attorneys

The most important reason you should hire a criminal lawyer near you is because of convenience. An attorney might be more reluctant to meet you regularly if his office is 50 miles away or more. Also, it is an advantage when you can meet your attorney at his office before going to court. Need to drop off some documents? No problem. Need a quick update on your case? No problem. Need to sign a document in front of your attorney? No problem.

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